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Up-Cycled Test Tube Stands

School is just around the corner, so we’re bringing you our latest Vintage Up-Cycle “experiment”. Picture yourself back in 10th grade chemistry class. Besides donning a pair of oversized (and anything but stylish) safety goggles, you (and your chemistry partner) would get ready to use a few iconic glass test tubes along with one or more wooden test tube stands.

We decided to give some modern flair to these rustic wooden stands by painting a few from our collection in varying playful hues. The bright pop of color was step one.

Step two in our experiment involved a little thinking outside the box. We envisioned the test tube stands as multi-functional. For one individual, they’re transformed into eye-catching (and ever-so-useful) nail polish holders, or perhaps a stand to hold makeup and brushes.

For another, they become a signature desktop pen and pencil organizer.

For yet another, it doubles as a jewelry tree.

Now all of your most-used items are within reach and stylishly displayed. From the science labs of yesterday to the desktops, countertops, bedrooms and bathrooms of today, we think this project is an easy way to give a classic vintage piece a modern twist that will brighten up any space. Let us know if you can think of any other uses for these beautiful objects! Fancy painting one in YOUR favorite hue? Or, would you rather have one that you see pictured above? Visit our Etsy Shop today and get yours…before they evaporate! (Click HERE to see the test tube stands for sale.)


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