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Guest Vintage Blogger: Sarah Reese

Guest Blogger: Sarah Reese

When I was sixteen, I used to drive forty minutes to get to the nearest Salvation Army. My best friend, Jessa, and I used to hunt down vintage Lacoste shirts and tear off the little alligator logo. We’d take them home and sew them onto other clothes. I don’t quite know why we did it. . . but I do know that I was forever in awe of Jessa’s old dusty blue corduroy jacket with the poorly sewn gator patch on the pocket.

Nearly thirteen years later, I can promise that I do indeed pay for all of my vintage desires! (Sorry, Quakertown Salvo! No hard feelings, okay?). I floundered my way through vintage of all types, going through all the phases I have come to learn most vintage lovers experience. There was the year I only wore scraggly, threadbare Twizzler t-shirts, or the summer that found my closet filled with 1950s Hawaiian-print Gidget frocks, and I’m pretty sure my storages boxes will pop if I try to pack away another plaid, Christina Hendricks-style secretary dress.
At the same time, my apartments have seen a level of vintage and antique furniture turnover that would wow a fast-selling dealer’s showroom. I come this close to passing out when I think about all the gorgeous pieces that I’ve collected, become used to, and given away. Moving from place to place (and also watching Hoarders) has made me keep my picking to especially classic, simple pieces. Accents, a few key pieces of furniture, and a couple of odds and ends can fit quite easily (and beautifully) into modern lifestyle.
If you find yourself passing by a little antique shop, stop in. The creepier, the better! Think to yourself, “Self, does this store scare you a little?” If the answer is “YES!”, slam on your brakes and pull in. Some of the very best things are hidden inside these places, mainly because no one else wants to go inside. On the other hand, be discerning. You don’t have to spend hours searching dingy shops, buying up old dry-goods that you feel ‘meh’ about. This is what Etsy is for! There are people who willingly, and lovingly, do all the dirty work for you! You’ll pay a premium, but if you truly love it (can’t-live-without-it-I-will-die-if-I-can’t-have-this-LOVE!), it’s so worth it. Don’t buy anything you don’t absolutely fall over for, just because you feel like you need to buy something.
You know yourself and your style, so be true to it. Collect consciously – do you really want to drag that kiiiiinda-cute vintage couch up your third floor fire escape? Been there. You’ll break a toe, and also put it on Craigslist when you move the next summer.
Fresh flowers in new and old containers!
Antique glass bottle given to me by Abby Morgan of the Kennett Square Farmers Market.
Mason jar with Terrain planter and early 1980s collection of L. Frank Baum’s “Oz” series.
Oz collection. A favorite since childhood, with beautiful colors and illustrations.
Vintage armchair with Urban Outfitters ruffled pillow.
Old wooden folding bench. Row 6.
I love this in the hallway – the wearing of the wood in different places is one of my favorite things.
Little paint spatters and tiny imperfections.
Pink & green umbrella hanging – hiding in plain sight.
My most recent purchase! Teeny leather and wooden stool from Abernethy’s in Avondale ($25).
Simplicity! Anthropologie comforter, UO selvedge side table, and a shiny, gold library lamp! I love that there is a plug on the base!
It’s the little things…someone gave me this old alphabet block. It’s not big or shiny, but I love it, in all of it’s little-statement-piece glory!

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