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How-To: Four Ways to Use Vintage Milk Crates

By Sarah Kudlack (Events by Sarah Elizabeth)
       Growing up I spent many summers on my grandfather’s dairy farm. My summer months were spent dealing with the ins and outs of the dairy farm including selling milk and hauling the fresh dairy goodness around in those wonderful, sturdy metal milk crates.  Needless to say, I’ve gotten to know milk crates quite well…and I’m sure you can agree with my feelings about the cheaper, plastic varieties that abound in box stores today.
       I may be biased with my love of these old crates because of my childhood, but savvy vintage lovers seem to share my crush on these sturdy crafted wire milk crates because they exude character. Here are some of my favorite ideas on how to use them around the home and ways that you can add some vintage detail to your décor.
       Got boys? These milk crates provide a nice way to store their sports gear with a unique look versus plastic tubs, from Better Homes and Gardens.
Loving this rolling storage piece DIY from A Beautiful Mess. The metal paired with the wood presents as a more sturdy piece of furniture.  Store some bright colored books or vinyl and the whole look comes together!
Another great way to “soften” the wire – simply add fresh flowers! I’m always looking for unique ideas to display fresh flower arrangements from the garden, and this look adds a vintage element while still giving the rustic crates a hint of softness.
A practical use for old milk crates… wine bottle storage! From one liquid to another, milk crates can easily be stacked or set on top of a counter for easy access to the bottles of wine! Simply loving this idea from Random Sweetness!
       Hopefully these ideas have got your creative juices flowing and you’ll now be jonesing for the next great use of milk crates!  Don’t have your own crates yet?  Vidalia’s Vintage can help you out!  We always have plenty in stock! Visit our Etsy store today and find the perfect crate for any occasion!

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  1. Great idea, I love reusing something I already have. How economical!!


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