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Up-Cycle Vintage Card Catalogs for Weddings and Décor

By Sarah Kudlack (Events by Sarah Elizabeth)

Card catalogs may quite possibly be one of my favorite vintage finds. They take me back to my childhood days. I imagine myself back in my elementary school library – looking up book after book, sifting through countless cards all neatly arranged according to Dewey Decimal himself.  At that age, however, it never occurred to me that I’d one day be fawning over those very same catalogs as I am now able to see them in a totally new light.

These very same items of furniture which I once despised for their association with book reports and homework assignments now make me utterly giddy as I imagine the limitless possibilities! Whether they’re being used as coffee tables, office organizers, storage bins or buffets, they add a unique element to any space. Here are a few ideas to get you started should you want to add one of these gorgeous pieces to your home or office décor:

This entry table, featured on Apartment Therapy, would be great for storing those small odds and ends, buttons, scissors, stamps, envelops and more!

A simple use from Country Living: put some of the drawers on your existing shelves for storage or organization.

Due to their popularity, we’ve also been seeing card catalogs pop up more and more in wedding décor. This fun yellow and blue wedding from Green Wedding Shoes utilizes the card catalog for their candy bar! The most popular use for them is for escort cards. This one from Martha Stewart Weddings alphabetizes them and arranges them in the different drawers for easy access.

 I love that in the empty drawers shown here, flowers and greenery are arranged for a softer appearance.

I’m loving this gorgeous card catalog shown paired with bright green floral sprigs which were placed in individual glass bottles (from Style Me Pretty via Hello Lucky).

Here’s another unique use: as welcome table such as the one shown below from Green Wedding Shoes. The look is pulled together beautifully using books, a typewriter and eye-catching flowers in vintage vases.

Whether you decide to use one of these amazing vintage card catalogs in your home or as that unique element in your wedding or other special event, guests are sure to take notice of these one-of-a-kind pieces. Want to try your hand at using one in your home, office or event? Simply stop by Vidalia’s Vintage online for a great selection of gorgeous vintage card catalogs!


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