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Magazine Features Fellow Vintage Blogger & Collector: Mod Betty

ImageWe were delighted to learn that fellow Vintage/Retro collector and blogger Beth Lennon (who is aptly known as Mod Betty on her blog Retro Roadmap) was featured in a recent publication for her vintage/retro collections. We were so delighted, in fact, that we decided to share Mod Betty’s own blog entry written in response to her experience. The entire fabulous full-color glossy article, “Roads Scholar” (we love the title!) was published in “Treasures Magazine”.

The article beautifully highlights a few of Mod Betty’s wide array of vintage collections. The piece prompted us to share with you a few of Vidalia’s own growing collections.

The fascinating thing about collections is that not only do they reveal something about the collector, but they also demand that the viewer study the individuality of each item in any given collection. At first glance, one can appreciate the recognizable elements which link the items in a collection, but after a few moments of careful consideration, you are drawn in, and begin to notice some of the more unique attributes of each. These subtle differences may have been missed had the item been viewed alone. We feel that viewing a vintage piece in the context of the collection can lead to a deeper appreciation of both the item and the collection as a whole.

Vidalia’s has been amassing a number of interesting like-items over the past weeks and months. Our favorites of late range from those with greater mass-appeal (such as globes, maps, suitcases, card catalogs and industrial toolboxes) to those which we are collecting…well…just because! Mary openly admits to her obsession with her two dogs: Piper and Waffles. So it’s only natural that she would have a collection of vintage finds that would remind her of her dogs.  Mary’s obsession with her dogs translates into a collection of canine figurines, images, pictures, and anything that even remotely resembles either one of her furry friends.

Another personal obsession for Mary is her growing collection of vintage Asian keepsake boxes, Florentine trays, various items made of milk glass and white owls. Items which have mass-appeal can be found on Vidalia’s Vintage Etsy shop (by clicking HERE), while Mary could never part with her personal collections – as she enjoys living with them far too much.

Have a vintage collection obsessions you want to share? We’d LOVE to see it or hear about it.

Haven’t started a vintage collection yet? You’ll be inspired by Mod Betty’s. Pictured in the magazine is her playful snow dome collection.


Please enjoy reading more about her vintage collections by visiting her fab blog Retro Roadmap. Here’s a teaser to pique your curiosity:

“Treasures ‘Antique to Modern Collecting’ was the new name of Collectors News magazine – who had contacted me a few months back about writing a feature on Retro Roadmap. (You can also see from both of these photos that I obviously am a sucker for a bright striped table cloth!)  My hat goes off to writer Stephanie Finnegan, who took my rambling answers to her questions and collected them into an organize article. We discussed everything from Retro Roadmap to my overgrown collection of vintage souvenirs, snow domes, swizzle sticks, thrift finds, family vacations…”

Read her entire blog post by clicking HERE.


About Mod Betty: “Retro Roadmap owner & creator, vintage road trip lover, photo taker, kitsch collector, musician’s wife, dog mom & retro hostess with the mostess. Retro Roadmap makes it easy for you to find Vintage & Cool Old Places worth visiting. served with a side of retro-inspired fun!”


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  1. Oh hey! Thanks so much for the kind sharing of me, and my penchant for collecting wacky stuff. I try to keep a tight rein on it, but sometimes a gal can’t help picking up a vintage souvenir or tacky tsotchke – some call them dust catchers, but they definitely brighten my day, reminding me of fun adventures!


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