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“You’re Just My Type” – Our Love Affair With Vintage Typewriters


It’s been going on for some time now. I’ve tried to keep this under wraps. I am a secret admirer. I have a serious long-term infatuation…with typewriters. I have kept this from my true love (my laptop) but leading this double life is taking its toll. I must make my feelings known and declare my personal truth. Believe me, I am not doing this “tell all” without serious consideration for my best friend and trusty sidekick who’s been with me through thick and thin. However I cannot deny the facts. My laptop has been there through late night blog posts, and Facebook binges, through Twitter feed frenzies and pouring over Pinterest. I really couldn’t make it through a day without my buddy Mac. And yet, I have an obsession with typewriters that I cannot (and will not) give up.

Sure, these dinosaurs from a bygone era are no longer relevant to today’s lightning speed, output-churning workforce, and yet this fact phases me very little. These beautiful creatures were giants in the dawn of the modern printing era.  As I gaze longingly at one of these former dinosaurs, I can almost hear the rhythmic “click, clack” of fingers steadily pouring out letters, correspondence, anecdotes, books, poetry, songs and the like. Historically, manual typewriters would be handed down through generations…which means that a single machine could be responsible for producing an entire family’s recorded history. That’s a pretty amazing feat.

To me, typewriters are dripping with romance. They’re not only gorgeous to photograph but inspiring to write about. Typewriters are a total sensory experience. You have sounds of fingers musically whirring away, the pause to refill tape, the jamming of keys and the pounding needed to set them free, the winding of the roller, the “ding” of the carriage return, and the smell of the metal and ink on paper. The sheer physicality of using these machines meant that they have left an indelible imprint on our lives and provide a tangible link to the past. It’s the typewriter’s mystique that gives it such allure – perhaps one of the relics in my possession has passed through the hands of a notable author or musician. And with today’s technology moving at a frightening pace, I crave the pace of a simpler time.

However you wish to label this love-affair, it is here to stay. I hope you love the beauty and nostalgia of typewriters as much as I do. If you do, then you’ll surely love this collection of portraits. The below typewriters are those that have been through our shop at one time or another:


*Lower-right typewriter is from FreshVintage (the shop that sells Vidalia’s Vintage items). Find FreshVintage online at:

We also wanted to share the vintage love with a shout-out to one of our favorite blogs, “Oh So Lovely.” Check out their Pinterest board of heavenly retro typewriters:


Anxious to get your hands on one of these beauties? Check out our Etsy Treasury containing vintage typewriters currently for sale:


Keep checking our Etsy Shop for vintage typewriters for sale. That is – if we can get our hands off of them!



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