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Top 5 DIYs Using Chalkboard Paint and Vintage Finds

Chalk it up to our love of vintage and the thrill of the hunt for a stylish up-cycle, but we’re totally crushing on chalkboard surfaces these days. We think type on chalkboards really screams summer fun – not to mention that chalkboard details and finishes are an easy way to add playful personality and a sense of design to almost any setting. With chalkboard paints appearing on the shelves of every hardware and craft store, we’ve chosen to highlight five of our favorite ways to creatively use this popular trend.

[VV Tip #1: Be sure to read through all steps and have your materials ready. We’ve linked to some of our favorite projects, but be sure to read carefully through the instructions before starting any project. There’s nothing worse than being on the last step of a project only to find that you’re missing a crucial item…without which your project will resemble something your 4-year old nephew brought home from preschool.]

1. Use vintage embroidery hoops to frame chalkboard signs for the fare at your next party or gathering.


Photo from Hostess With The Mostess

[VV Tip #2: Decide if you want a more natural look or whether you prefer a pop of color. Vintage embroidery hoops come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, though the more common is the wooden version. Snag a wooden or colored plastic set from Vidalia’s Etsy Store.]

2. Create a chalkboard themed table-scape for a personalized and casual approach to dining.


Photo from Ellen Medlock Blog


Photo from Hey Look

[VV Tip #3: Finish the table with vintage accents, head to the FreshVintage shop at Highland Orchards to look at vintage silver, place settings, platters and pretty planters for centerpieces.]

3. Make chalkboard-dipped spoons as re-imagined labels or signs.


Photo from Best Friends For Frosting

[VV Tip #4:  Skip the family silver for this project.  It’s not worth the post-project regret of ruining a family heirloom.  Hit up thrift stores, yard sales or use that set in your drawer that you’ve been meaning to get rid of.  Keep in mind the handles still show so look for details that are pretty to you and make you happy.]

4. Paint a chalkboard label on pots and planters for your herb garden.


Photo from One Hundred Dollars A Month


Photo from la chapstick fanatique

[VV Tip #5:  Don’t limit yourself, think outside the pot, you can plant herbs in almost any container.  Vidalia’s Vintage sells a variety of items that are perfect for planting herbs like crates, old boxes or watering cans at FreshVintage at Highland Orchards. Also, please try to find local, organic and non-treated herbs so you and your family can enjoy the freshest, best-dressed herbs possible.]

5. Embellish a ho-hum serving tray or platter, giving it a chalkboard writing surface.

Chalkboard_18_Final_IMG_2894-645x429 Chalkboard_17_Final_IMG_2920-645x429

Above photos from BRIT + CO


Photo from Wit & Whistle

[VV Tip #6: Find a tray or serving vessel that you like the lines of and give it a new life with a chalkboard paint finish so you can personalize what you’re serving. Label cheeses, note dipping sauces or personalize a note to your honey.]

Chalkboard paint now comes in a wide variety of colors, though we tend to prefer the traditional slate gray against bright white chalk. Want the look of chalkboard paint but don’t have the time? We’ve got the perfect solution for you (but shhh…don’t give away our secret): chalkboard labels.  (These can be found at office supply stores or purchased as chalkboard look-alikes with type printed in a chalk-styled font.) Peel and stick your way to chalkboard perfection.

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your chalkboard DIY (or for a specialty hand-crafted chalkboard creations), check out our Etsy Treasury, “Chalk It Up To Vintage Love”:


And if that’s not enough, dive in to the endless supply of creative inspiration that is Pinterest, and peruse our Pinterest Board, “Chalk It Up to Vintage Living”:


But no matter your personal preference, take the plunge and play with this versatile finish. Have fun with your chalkboard project and enjoy bringing a modern twist to YOUR next vintage find!


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