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Life of Pyrex


For vintage lovers like those of us at Vidalia’s Vintage, few vintage objects are able to evoke such a powerful positive response as a beautiful display of Pyrex glassware. The form and function of these gorgeous objects are beyond compare, not to mention the vast array of vibrant colors, patterns, shapes and styles that abound.

It’s quite interesting to consider the evolution of the love of Pyrex.  Pyrex has been popular for its use in the kitchen since its invention in the early 1900s, however over the last few years there has risen out of the crowd something akin to a cult following. Social media seems to have propelled the Pyrex obsession to new levels. Simply search the word “Pyrex” on Pinterest and you’ll find countless Pin Boards dedicated to the love of all things Pyrex.  

Whatever the reason for the surge in popularity, we’re ever so glad the world is beginning to recognize the charm of these vintage beauties. Vidalia’s Vintage has had a number of Pyrex pieces that have graced our shop windows, many of which are quickly snatched up by other Pyrex lovers. Here are a few currently featured in Vidalia’s Vintage Etsy Shop:


One could know nothing about the history of Pyrex and appreciate their value nontheless. If you don’t know the history of Pyrex but can’t help but drool over a vintage set when one crosses your path, well, you would be like me. I could write an entire article focusing on the colors and patterns of Pyrex that have circulated over the past 100 years since its invention. We’ll have to leave that for another day.  For today, we wanted to share a brief history of Pyrex directly from the makers themselves:

The idea for Pyrex Glassware came from the industrious wife of a Corning Glass Works scientist who was frustrated with her unreliable casserole dish. Knowing the strength of the railroad signal lantern glass her husband worked with, she begged him to bring home something she could use in the kitchen. Voilà, the Pyrex baking dish was born. Two years later, Boston department store Jordan Marsh placed the first order for Pyrex Glassware. The rest, as they say, is history.” 
I love that it was the wife of the glass works scientist who came up with the idea. I’m currently playing the made-for-TV movie of the history of Pyrex in my mind. Can’t you just picture the scene now? At every dinner party ’til death do they part, the poor husband would be destined to entertain her retelling of the story, passing all of the credit to his lovely and ingenious wife beaming, “It was all her idea!”
Once these durable (and beautiful) dishes hit stores, every housewife in America had to get their hands on a set. Soon advertisements touting the arrival of the future of baking and cooking could be seen on billboards and in magazines across the country.
Have a gander at some of our very own Pyrex dishes that have passed through Vidalia’s store (we’re sorry, these are no longer available for purchase):
Pyrex love reaches far and wide and doesn’t stop with just the dishes themselves. From greeting cards to illustrations, even cross-stitch and upcycled lighting, you can find artists using Pyrex as inspiration for just about anything. I love this print by Pocono Modern titled, “Vintage Pyrex Poster – Blue” available on Etsy for only $16:
Any conversation about Pyrex would be incomplete without mentioning the treasure-trove of goodies found on both Etsy and Pinterest. Check out our sunny Etsy Treasury of Pyrex dishes that we think would look lovely in any kitchen, retro or not.
And get inspired by our Pinterest board which includes a number of beautiful vignettes that hit just the right note when it comes to Pyrex collections.
Feeling a little sheepish about disclosing the sheer volume of your Pyrex stash? Don’t! Go big or go home, we say. If you’re still hesitant – never fear. You’ve got company! We love this article “Confessions of a Pyrex Hoarder” by Christy Jordan on her blog “Southern Plate”. It’s full of beautiful and colorful snapshots from around her home – featuring her very own collection of Pyrex. And check out this staggering statistic:
Today, approximately 80% of U.S. homes have Pyrex glass products, with many cooks passing them down from generation to generation.”
I heart Pyrex
Have any lovely Pyrex collections in your abode? We’d love to lay our eyes on them, so do comment on our blog post and leave some link love!